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BMW Ride On Cars

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Who are BMW?

BMW – or Bayerische Motoren Werke – is a German automotive manufacturing company founded in 1916. Since they first opened their factory doors, BMW has become one of the best-selling companies in the world. Specialising in everything from luxury and sports cars, to motorcycles and engines, the company continues to grow and innovate introducing new designs and divisions dedicated to safe transport and performance driving.

What are ride on cars?

Ride on cars are basically smaller versions of the real thing. They are fully-functioning replica cars that are suitable for children to ride. These fun cars for children come in different sizes, types of vehicle and are powered by many types of power source. Electric ride on cars are the most popular choice, but it’s also common to see pedal, push and pull-powered ride on cars for kids in parks.

BMW ride on cars – German precision engineering for the little ones

If you’re looking for enviable electric cars for kids, then why not go for one from this automotive giant? BMW are world-renowned for producing high-quality, efficient and sleekly-designed cars. Their range of ride on cars are no different, providing cool features and a safe riding experience for young riders.

What are the types of BMW ride on cars?

BMW ride on cars are second to none. Ride on cars have a number of car types – whether it’s recreational vehicles, constructional equipment or motorbikes, to name a few. BMW, however, specialise in cars, go karts and bikes, mainly.

Their ride on cars for children are the most popular sellers. Their low to the ground design makes them attractive for parents with smaller kids. BMW ride on cars boast both functional and flashy designs. The Audi Q7 is an amazing likeness of the family cruiser, whilst the i8 is the more sporty offering for little speedsters.

Talking of speed, BMW ride on cars has crafted some amazing pedal go karts. These go karts are typically moulded from plastic and brag a distinctive aerodynamic design for great performance. Not to mention, the eye-catching BMW insignia, to boot. Check out the BMW Street Racer, if you doubt us.

Finally, there are the electric ride on cars for kids that resemble motorbikes. Often, these cars for kids can resemble three-wheeled ATV-style vehicles. In BMW’s case, they go with the two-wheeled version with additional training wheels attached. These cars are like your everyday training bike – except they are battery-powered. They are a great way for kids who are more interested in bikes to never feel left out. BMW offer one of the best models money can buy.

Powering BMW Ride On Cars

The good thing about ride on cars for children is that there are plenty of driving options. Powering the car is one of those options. Of course, it’s most common to see electric ride on cars and think ‘wow’. But there are other ways to get from A to B in the ride on world. BMW offer it all.

Battery powered ride on cars

Children love the excitement of being able to mimic their parents and the drivers they see everyday. Battery powered ride on cars for kids bring them close to that fantasy. Because battery powered ride ons use electricity, they are also able to provide electric powered features like horns, lights and music.

Pedal powered ride on cars

If you’re on the lookout for ride on cars for children to keep fit on, then a pedal ride on car is your best bet. Kids not only exercise their body’s powering these vehicles along, but they also train the mind with their imaginative play. With most models using heavy-duty metal constructions, you can be assured that your kid will own a car to last ages.

Who are BMW ride on cars suitable for

While not ride on cars are suitable for every child, every child is able to find a suitable toy car. Electric cars for kids have information regarding age requirements.

People often feel that ride on cars for children is a very male-centric world. This isn’t true. BMW ride on cars are very generic and come in many colours to match all tastes. The reality is that BMW have ride ons for a wide age range. You can find fantastic electric cars for kids aged up to eight years old, as well as something for the tiniest toddlers.

What is the difference between licensed and unlicensed BMW ride on cars?

There is a difference between licensed and unlicensed ride on cars beyond difference in price. Sometimes it’s easier to spot than other times. A licensed BMW ride on car is one that, not only bares the badge, but also a striking resemblance to the model it mimics. For example, the Q7 is entirely a shrunken-down replica of the real thing with ride on modifications.

If the Q7 were unlicensed, on the other hand, it wouldn’t resemble an exact replica in the same way. Unlicensed electric cars for kids resemble the real thing too, just not as closely as the licensed variety. Consequently, the insignia and design will be slightly altered whilst maintaining characteristics that make them unmistakable from their car of reference.

Driving BMW ride on cars safely

Generally, you will not find ride on cars for children that are safer than BMW ride ons. They are built for stability, endurance and comfort. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t bear the typical pitfalls of ride on cars. Electric cars for kids, in particular, are prone to tipping, falling and colliding with things. Fortunately, there are a lot of safety features and measures one can take to ensure a safe, pleasant ride.

Even the most basic of ride ons provide brakes, seat belts and separate remotes for parental control. On electric ride on cars, you will find that the battery is positioned so that it is inaccessible by children. And, crucially, the speed of cars for children are slow and manageable should the child, or parent, lose control.

Whilst many ride on toys use sturdy polycarbonate panels to protect during collision, the best way to keep safe is to wear protective gear. A helmet is a must-have item for any child driving ride ons, especially electric ride on cars.  As long as a child is adequately fitted with safety gear, all you’ll need to worry about is keeping up as they buzz around.