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  • Sale! BMW Street Racer Pedal Go Kart - White - Berg

    BMW Street Racer Pedal Go Kart – White – Berg

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BMW kids go karts – for kids go karts that marry quality design with awesome fun.

German engineering wins every time

You’ve seen the immaculately-crafted machines breezing down your roads and motorways. Now get ready to see them dominate the children’s parks and playgrounds. BMW ride on cars boast the same premium standard as the real thing.

Today, BMW continue to expand their ride on range, introducing new car models, replica ride on motorbikes and go karts. But BMW don’t put their names on just any ride on that’s produced. They are very selective with the kids toys they endorse. That’s why currently only offer a single go kart model – the Berg BMW Street Racer Pedal Go Kart

Introducing The Street Racer BMW Kids Go Karts

Manufactured by BERG, this sleek, high-performance pedal go kart wears the unmistakable BMW emblem with pride.  The Street Racer has an unique appearance and cool, practical features that put it ahead of competition.

Swing Axle

This is one of those go karts for kids that are easy to control. And that’s thanks to the smooth handling of the intuitive swing axle. Controlling fast speeds is a synch.

Coaster Brakes

Safety is important, particularly when little ones are involved. This BMW pedal go kart takes it very seriously. That’s why it comes with safe coaster brakes for a comfortable stop without jerking or screeching tyres.


Kids can conserve energy on hills and slopes with the BMW freewheel. The freewheel allows the pedal go kart to keep moving, even after kids stop peddling.

Why BMW kids go karts are special

It’s a fact that BMW kids go karts are like no other. They are vibrant kids toys that are as good to just gawp at as they are to ride. This makes them distinct, in many ways, from other go karts for kids.


Using premium materials, smart technology and an elegant finish, BMW kids go karts are a masterpiece in toy craftmanship. The designs are distinctive and bold. Children can really show a lot of personality behind the wheel of one of these.


Take to any terrain with grace. The efficiency and manoeuvrability of a BMW pedal go kart makes them the most attractive rides for young racers. There’s no price too great for this level of performance quality.

The legendary name

If none of its features whet your ride on appetite, then maybe the name on the bonnet will. People will pay a lot of money just to brag about owning a BMW machine. The German automotive manufacturing giants have a world-renowned reputation for producing amazing vehicles.

What factors should I consider when buying BMW kids go karts

Before buying any pedal go kart, there are some things you should think about. As BMW kids go karts can be pricey, you want to know that you’re buying the ideal go kart to suit.

Shape and size of the go kart

The shape and size of the pedal go kart is important. For example, Karts with a wide wheel anchorage handle faster speeds better than narrower ones. It also provides more balance, avoiding tipping and tilting.

Moreover, the aerodynamic shape narrowing at the front of some go karts like the Street Racer enables it to cruise slicker than common karts with rounded front bumpers. In conclusion, the former shape is faster than the shape of the latter.

Go kart power type

As things stand, you don’t have a choice in this. But there may come a time when BMW starts attaching its name to more go karts. If it does, it’s likely that you will have a choice between pedal-power and battery.

Pedal power is the safest and most environmentally-friendly option. It also encourages physical activity too. Conversely, battery-powered go karts for kids recharge easily for hours of no-sweat entertainment.

Location of use

Will your BMW go kart be used on the tarmac of an urban playground, or the uneven grass of a back garden? Different go karts perform differently on different surfaces. Pedal go karts, for instance, are perfect for the flat surfaces you get on neighbourhood pavements and driveways. Whereas go karts that use rubber tyres and suspension can handle rougher terrains.

Age restrictions

Fortunately, there are go karts that are suitable for most young age ranges. Even those that are for older children can be driven by younger children under adult supervision.


BMW kids go karts, like all go karts for kids, are stocked with safety features and measures. Everything from the build quality to the positioning of features are included with child security in mind.

Safety tips for using BMW kids go karts

In all the fun and games, children can sometimes be careless. That’s why it’s up to adults to help and remind them to be safe whilst riding. Here are some handy go kart safety tips.

Wear safety equipment

Wearing a helmet is the most important measure one can take. Helmets protect from impact damage in any event. There are helmets to choose from, in all sizes, which are safe and affordable.

No loose fitting clothes

Clothing can get caught in the mechanisms of a go kart. The same can be said for BMW kids go karts. Make sure that any riders are wearing snug-fitting clothing – particularly on the legs. This doesn’t mean that every child should have to wear fitted clothes or short legs and sleeves, though. You can protect the child by just rolling up the sleeves and hems.

Take it slow

There’s going to be the desire to do too much too soon on these fun go karts for kids. But a child can put themselves at risk if they start by riding at speeds they can’t manage. Remind children to take it slow and drive at a comfortable speed. This will help them to avoid accidents. As your child gets used to the go kart, they will eventually be able to cope better with faster speeds.

Maintaining a BMW kids go karts

It’s vital that any vehicle is kept in tip-top condition to ensure that it performs at its best. Consider it an MOT for go karts for kids. Good maintenance and servicing improve the likelihood of go kart going undamaged for a long time.

Chain check

This is the engine room. So, like any engine, you need to give it a thorough servicing, now and then. The best maintenance you can run on a chain is to, first, ensure that it is still at its correct size. Chains can stretch and become loose fitting, but there are chain link tools to fix this. Secondly, keep the chain well lubricated. The chain needs to be able to roll over the pins smoothly. The better it does this, the more effectively it will run.

Service the wheels

Are the wheels buckling? That may be a sign of a potentially serious issue. Misaligned wheels that are bent out of place are also a potential safety hazard. Make sure that the wheels and axle aren’t out of shape. This is easily noticeable: Simply centre the steering wheel and you should be able to notice any deviations.

Make maintenance a regular thing

Finally, maintenance is something that has to be done frequently and thoroughly. There’s not much point in just giving your pedal go kart a wipe down occasionally. Once you get into a routine, maintaining BMW kids go karts takes less time, each time. Get into the mind set of servicing your go kart after every use.

Where can I buy BMW kids go karts from?

You’re in the place to be for all BMW partnered kids ride on toys. It’s no different for go karts. Browse our catalogue of BMW kids go karts, and once you’ve found on you like, order online or phone us on 0203 7500 650. We are open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What are the ways I can pay for BMW kids go karts?

It’s simple and quick to buy a go kart at BMW Ride On Cars.

Debit/credit card

You can pay safely through our debit/credit card option. Entering your information is safe and instructions are easy to follow.


Using PayPal means using a recognisable, trustworthy service. It also means instant transfers on purchases and refunds. If you haven’t used PayPal before, you’ll need to set up an account.


If you’d like to pay for your BMW kids go karts using interest-free credit, we have partnered with DivideBuy. DivideBuy purchases offer 0% APR credit on selected products. Choosing this option will allow you to spread the cost of your purchase across 3 to 12 months. Application is simple and you’ll receive a decision in less than 60 seconds.