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BMW kids electric motorcycles

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    Licensed BMW S1000RR 6V Kids Electric Ride On Trike Blue

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    Licensed BMW S1000RR 6V Kids Electric Ride On Trike Red

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    BMW Bike Electric Ride On Red

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What are ride on motorbikes for kids?

Ride on motorbikes for kids are the miniature form of the motorised vehicles we see on our roads. These attractive ride on toys are specifically made for young children. They are made from premium materials, and brag several entertaining and security features.

BMW kids electric motorcycles are the licensed version of the toy motorbike. This means that they are replicas of real-life vehicles! Behind the wheel of these awesome kids toys, little speedsters are taken on the ride of their lives. The only limit is their imagination.

Why are BMW kids electric motorcycles so popular?

Which kid wouldn’t want to own a BMW toy motorbike? They are state-of-the-art ride on toys that look, sound and perform as great as the real thing. And now they are becoming more affordable. This makes any child who is lucky enough to own one, the envy of the park.

Moreover, motorbikes for kids have a number of cool personal benefits for both child and carer. Parents now know that there’s a safety-conscious toy available that will help children to develop into accomplished individuals. Like riding a bicycle for the first time, BMW kids electric motorcycles are engineered to improve the rider’s physical and mental skills.

The benefits of BMW kids electric motorcycles

Gets kids outside

Parents know, in this day and age of computer games and home tech, how difficult it is to entice little ones to leave it alone for an hour. But venturing outside and enjoying some exercise is very beneficial for growing kids. Exploring outside environments stimulate expressive play and productivity in a way that no indoor game can. And because BMW kids electric motorcycles can be used in relatively confined spaces, they can ride in gardens and driveways within eyeshot.

Encourages exercise and improves mobility

Firstly, BMW motorbikes for kids encourage exercise and mobility in a pleasant way. Ride on toys are too much fun to notice that you’re getting a good workout. This makes them the ideal tool for inspiring kids to move around balancing, controlling and manoeuvring the motorbike. This exercise will also allow the child to expend all the energy of youth. BMW kids electric motorcycles, with their enduring battery life, bring lots of fun.

Simple movements such as boarding and alighting the ride on or balancing require vital muscle groups to achieve this. A child’s gross motor skills are significantly enhanced every time they are using a toy motorbike – even an electric one. When kids manipulate the handles, for example, they’re using the muscles of the arms, hands, core and feet to turn, accelerate and stop. Or when they are interacting with the buttons and switches that activate the features by pushing, pressing and flicking.

Spark the imagination

Motorbikes for kids are very colourful and packed full of neat tricks that are waiting to be discovered. Children have all the tools needed to let their creative minds run wild. On a toy motorbike, they can pretend play till their heart’s content. Now they can pretend to be the motorcycle racers and motorbike paramedics they idolise.

Promotes individuality and builds confidence

Independence is something that a child has to develop. They cannot rely on other people to help them function in every event. A good ride on motorbike gives children the opportunity to learn more about their capabilities and the world around them. Whilst playing, they are relying on their own decisions and faculties to find solutions and draw conclusions.

As kids develop that skill, they are also developing their confidence to trust in their own abilities. They start to try new things and figure out that there is more than one way to solve a problem. This enhanced confidence will enable kids to express themselves more openly on their ride on motorbike. They can then take this confidence and use it in other areas of their life.

Are BMW kids electric motorcycles safe to use?

They are as safe as houses! Motorbikes for kids are specially manufactured to ensure the safety of the rider. BMW ride on motorbikes are no different. A sturdy build quality, high/low speeds and a foot pedal release stop action are just a few safety measures installed. Some BMW toy motorbike models even come with detachable training wheels to aid balance.

Who is suitable for riding BMW kids electric motorcycles?

Kids from toddler age to the age of seven can enjoy these incredible vehicles. Because these kids motorbikes provide a high level of safety and comfort, they are very versatile in terms of suitability. Most BMW motorbike ride ons are large enough for tall kids, and can support a max weight of up to 40kg. And, despite being electric powered, BMW ride on motorbikes produce manageable speeds and the batteries are located out of the reach of children.

Where can I buy BMW kids electric motorcycles?

Well, right here, of course. We have a range of fully licensed BMW ride on motorbikes available at the best prices on the market. If you’re looking for a spectacular outdoor toy that can last for ages, then BMW Ride On Cars is where the goods are.

Which BMW kids electric motorcycles do you sell?

Genuine licensed BMW ride on toys are a premium product, so there isn’t a massive range to choose from. At BMW Ride On Cars, we have their best models of motorbike ride on.

First, there’s the BMW 1000RR Electric Motor Bike Ride On. This smart toy motorbike is a feat in engineering that owners can be proud of. It has a twin 12v motors capable of reaching speeds of 4mph, sound effects, front lights and a quick start power button. Not to mention it’s one hell of a looker – just like its father. The attention to detail is clear to see. Available in two colours, this is one of those motorbikes for kids that stand out in any playground.

Then there’s this BMW Electric Ride On Bike in red. Ever the showstopper, the BMW K1300S Electric Motorbike shows off an array of sights and sounds along with great driveability. Located on the panel are buttons to control light functions and 8 songs for the perfect riding soundtrack. With stabilisers attached, this is the ideal balance ride on motorbike for the youngest speedsters.